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About the Artist

Howdy I'm Karina ZedalisKarina Zedalis loves Mexican sunflowers
Plant lover and fellow gardener, here!

My favorite flower is the Mexican sunflower (Tithonia rotundifolia),
but the plant that I am most dedicated to
is the Cannabis sativa plant.

Why you ask?

Simple!  The humble hemp plant has so much to offer, but most people have no idea of its' potential! 

My mission is to get more images
of this superpower plant interspersed into everyday life
so that we can foster
faster adoption  and innovation.

That's why I create mixed media collages, paintings, hemp inspired products, and artistic dolls, to help spark the hemp conversation and keep it top of mind.

I'm also a hemp farmer now.  Self-liberation from the office came in April 2020, as my neglected studio full of collected art supplies, fabrics, and paints demanded, "Now is the time".  Let me tell you, I am thrilled to be pushing soil and pushing paint, instead of a timeclock!

Karina Zedalis Fun Facts 2022

Karina Zedalis attends Adams County hemp info session 4-6-2014

Karina Zedalis, top left, talks to Ian Barringer of Boulder during a hemp-farming symposium held by Adams County on Thursday at the Adams County Government Center. The event attracted almost 200 people.   

Karina Zedalis zinnia hemp field c2021
Our hemp and zinnia field from summer 2021 in Boulder County.  I planted every seed by hand.  The hemp seed came from our 2014 crop, both growing years were registered with Colorado's Department of Agriculture.

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Dancer, life-long learner, permaculturist, hemp farmer, yoga time traveler, creative freelance designer of this and that, wordsmith, mother of a guru of a girl, herbalist, feng shui compliant, world/cosmic centric and curious.

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